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  1. Resource Documents (Printable Format)

    ... Anxiety Disorder Home Management Strategies for Social Anxiety Disorder Home Management Strategies for Specific ... Strategies for PTSD Self-Help Strategies for Social Anxiety Managing Your Phobia Applied Tension ...

    editor - 2014/08/27 - 4:52pm

  2. Worksheets

    ... of Children   Exposure Ladder    Local Resources for Selective Mutism    My Team    Name or Draw ...

    admin - 2018/04/06 - 10:04am

  3. Child and Teen Social Anxiety Disorder

    ... Children and teens with Social Anxiety Disorder have an excessive fear of social and/or performance situations. They are overly concerned that they may ...

    admin - 2015/05/28 - 2:27pm

  4. Managing an Anxious Child – Where to Start

    ... to hang out with other kids or having few friends because of social fears Not sleeping in his or her own bedroom or refusing to attend ... with your family doctor. In the next blog, we will cover the resources that are available to help manage an anxious child. It’s also ...

    Mel - 2017/09/05 - 10:42am - 4 comments

  5. Social Anxiety Tools

    ... Challenge Negative Thinking Exposure Therapy for Social Anxiety Facing Your Fears: Exposure Fight-Flight-Freeze Helpful Thinking for Social Anxiety Overcome Perfectionism Prevent a Relapse ...

    admin - 2017/07/26 - 10:07am

  6. What is Social Anxiety Disorder?

    ... 2015 Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common anxiety disorders, affecting between 7 and 13% of the population. People with social anxiety disorder tend to feel quite nervous or uncomfortable in social ...

    admin - 2015/05/26 - 12:17pm

  7. My story: Coping with social anxiety

    ... feel self-conscious and worry about what others think? Does social anxiety stop you from doing things and enjoying life? Everyone gets ...

    admin - 2015/05/26 - 2:59pm

  8. Rob - Making steps to social success (exposure)

    ... Rob has social anxiety and feels uncomfortable talking to girls. Hear more about ...

    admin - 2015/05/26 - 2:07pm

  9. Personal Story - Raj

    ... whom he has known since elementary school. He usually avoids social gatherings and only sees his friend about once a month. In terms of work, Raj was employed as a computer programmer, but his social anxiety interfered with his ability to interact with clients and ...

    admin - 2015/04/16 - 9:51am

  10. Confidence Builder - Social Anxiety - Male Voice

    Friday, April 24, 2015

    admin - 2015/06/02 - 12:00pm