AnxietyBC STRIDES New Year 2017 Newsletter

Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to the first Strides Newsletter of 2017. Although we are a month into this new year, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families health and happiness in 2017. I hope that the first month has treated you well and that you have made some “strides” towards your goals for 2017.

AnxietyBC In the Community – Pushing Back Anxiety

It all started with a conversation between District Counsellor, Cathy Preibisch and AnxietyBC’s Executive Director, Judith Law. Since September 2015, AnxietyBC has had the pleasure of working with CHANCE Shxwetetilthet Alternate School in Chilliwack, on a pilot anxiety management program. Recently, Cathy wrote an article for the BC Alternate Education Association’s Newsletter about the program, called “Pushing Back Anxiety.” Read the article here…

Q&A with AnxietyBC Volunteer, Shab

At AnxietyBC, we are very grateful for the support of our volunteers who make it possible for our very lean team to provide valuable resources, programs, and services. Our volunteers help out in a variety of ways including fundraising, office support, and community service. This month, we are pleased to put the spotlight on one of our volunteers. Shab has been volunteering with the AnxietyBC office since September.

Feature Anxiety-Related Disorder - Agoraphobia

In each issue of Strides, we try to highlight one anxiety-related disorder, in the hopes that we shed some light on a disorder that may not be very well-known by the general public. In this issue, we are going to feature Agoraphobia – what it is and what someone with Agoraphobia can do to get help.

From the Blog... Brave New Year

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines brave as “One with mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty.” Using this definition, people who experience anxiety have more opportunities to be brave than the average person. Why?

Top Social Media Posts

The team at AnxietyBC is working hard to post stories that resonate with our audience. Here are the top social media posts this past month…

Top Videos

The AnxietyBC YouTube Channel has over 50 videos on anxiety-related topics including social anxiety, selective mutism, and panic disorder – to name a few. The following videos were viewed the most over the past month. Check out the videos below, and be sure to subscribe to our channel.

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