AnxietyBC™ is a leader in developing free online, self-help, and trusted resources on anxiety and anxiety disorders. We also respond to people struggling with anxiety and we do our best to answer their questions and find help for them. Currently, we support school based workshops on anxiety.

We received 1.7 million website visits in 2015. Visitors learned about anxiety by reading our 1000+ webpages and viewing our YouTube videos nearly 142,000 times.

AnxietyBC™ is a registered Canadian charity. Your generosity helps us to maintain, update, and create trusted self-help resources and expand our community programs.

Become an AnxietyBC Ambassador today and help us to:

  • Provide anxiety awareness workshops and support groups for youth
  • Maintain and improve the MindShift app; a free portable coach for anxiety
  • Produce trusted resources (videos, podcasts, downloadable files) that anyone can use free of charge

Become an Ambassador and receive the following benefits:

  • Early bird notification and 20% discount to AnxietyBC workshops (CPA CE)
  • Subscriptions to Visions Magazine & Strides e-newsletter
  • Knowing that you are making a positive difference every time someone searches the word anxiety

You can help us raise awareness of the need for more resources to help those suffering from anxiety disorders, by writing to your MLA.

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