Anxiety at Home, Work, and in the Community

Anxiety is an unwanted guest. For some individuals, anxiety makes a sudden appearance, showing up one day after work but before dinner, and never leaving. For others, it makes a gradual appearance, like shower scum, creeping in here and there, seeming minor and non-threatening, until you realize it has taken over most of the tub and tiles. For others, anxiety is an occasional, casual visitor, stopping by on Monday mornings before work, or hanging around at social events, but never staying for more than a few hours, despite it's consistent visits. Regardless of how anxiety entered into your life, it has become the unwanted houseguest. The purpose of this section is to assist you in beginning to recognize where exactly anxiety is hiding out.

  • Does anxiety boss you around, make you engage in elaborate rituals or take extreme steps to prevent feeling uncomfortable?
  • Has anxiety prevented you from asking someone on a date, or applying for a job or promotion?
  • Are you racing to appointments, breaking the sound barrier, terrified you might arrive a minute late and have other people judge you negatively?
  • Are you tired, irritable and feeling defeated more days than not?
  • Does anxiety whisper insults and criticisms all day long?
  • Does anxiety keep you up at night, too worried and preoccupied to sleep?

If you answered, “yes!” to most of these questions, anxiety is clearly in your home/workplace/community and something must be done. No more Mrs./Mr. nice-guy. As you read through these sections, make note of how your anxiety is ruling the roost, and consider implementing some of the step-by-step guidelines provided.